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Do you know what to do if someone makes a threat? What if you have an employee or student who seems scary or even just “odd”? Do you know how to tell whether the threat is real….and what to do if it is?

Before a school shooting, workplace shooting, or assassination, there are typically clues about the attack in advance. Often many people have a small piece of the puzzle about a person’s ideas and plans for harm – but don’t think to alert police or tell others what they know. Threat assessment makes prevention possible.

At Threat Assessment Resources International, we help you to better handle threats, manage threatening situations, and protect your people from harm. Through our training, you can learn how to figure out who might know something, assemble that information, figure out whether there is a real threat, and intervene to prevent harm. With our consulting services, we can do that work for you or help guide your efforts.

Learn more about our services for businesses, colleges/universities, schools, and security professionals. Download our free reference materials in our publications section. Checkout the latest news and updates on our blog. And please contact us any time if we can be of assistance.